Business Continuity

" When we begin our family wealth counseling process with family members, there is frequently an elephant in the room—the family business."  

A successful family business generally represents the largest wedge on the asset pie chart—in many cases that wedge is larger than the total of all other family assets. Unlike other asset classes businesses can be as individual and dynamic as the entrepreneurs who found and lead them. 

Also unlike other assets, one thing is certain and common to every family business.  In the future there will be a significant business transition.  Ownership will transfer—within the family, perhaps to current management, or to outsiders as an acquisition, merger, or public offering. 

While most founders have their preference, very few have designed and implemented a plan to achieve their goal.  All of these transition opportunities involve complex issues and decisions.  They all require preparation and implementation.  Most important, they require time.  Waiting accomplishes nothing.

There is only one ownership transition that happens on its own time.  The one no one wants and most have not adequately planned for—the unexpected loss of shareholders and key employees that can break the flow of success and undermine ownership and control. 

Because your family business is such a significant asset, all these transition scenarios—succession, acquisition, or contingency—impact every aspect of your family wealth and your family legacy.  Our family wealth counseling process has housebroken many elephants.  We can give you confidence that good business decisions will be good family decisions for a long time, guiding the business as a family asset and a legacy across generations.

Business Continuity Questions and Resources