At Hostetler & Church, LLC, we have a passion for helping wealthy families articulate the meaning of their success and its significance.

We help families of wealth find their voice and we craft their "unique story" in a way that they not only pass on their family financial wealth, but also their family values, to the next generation and beyond. Based on our work with hundreds of successful businesses and the families who own them, we can appreciate their deep regard for the stewardship of family wealth. The old adage "shirtsleeves to shirtsleeves in three generations" remains a powerful challenge and destructive force today. Our job is to assist families of wealth in combating this tendency, to counteract the natural destructive forces that tend to destroy family wealth from one generation to the next.

" Surveys consistently show that less than 30% of family wealth or family business is retained through the 2nd generation, less than 18% is retained at the end of the 3rd generation and less than 3% of family wealth is retained through 4 generations."

Our role is to ask the right questions, to dig a little deeper, to clarify the real issues and then help families of wealth make more good stewardship decisions over long periods of time. Families develop a single-mindedness about making value-based, principle decisions. Clarity helps to achieve long term goals.