Creativity is defined as “causing something to come into existence.” 

Creativity is the ability to look at the ordinary and see the extraordinary.  We live in a world that is far too negative, critical and judgmental.  Our successful approach touches a far deeper human need.  It involves viewing every family as a creative family, one that chooses to see through the lens that change is possible, goals can be achieved.  It seeks to see the positive in most anything.  Affirmation, thankfulness, encouragement, being gracious can deeply influence us as members of the family. 

A commitment to creativity causes us to reframe problems as opportunities. 

Creatively, we can break our old patterns and practice new techniques.  We can view every act as one that can touch another.  Creativity dictates that there can be more than one right answer or more than one way to do things.  As a result, we feel energized, engaged and filled with passion for life as we commit to bettering ourselves, each other, our families, our businesses, and our world. This is what makes our approach different.

" Every meeting with a client is another creative opportunity to uncover their experiences, beliefs and aspirations unique to their values and character, which are essential and critical to understanding their decision making."

It is my privilege to draw out a client's story from deep within.  The goal is not only to discover who they are, what they value and how they think, but also discover why they do the things they do, to challenge them in their values, reach, impact, perspectives and personal growth.

My undergraduate degree in communications along with work on a Master's degree in Counseling, gave me an appreciation for the written and spoken word, for creative questioning and active listening.  As an athlete, I made a point of studying how coaches would creatively game plan, prepare the team and then motivate to get optimal performance out of their players.  In my experience as a team Chaplin (post college years), I learned how to touch the soul of an individual with truth and compassion.  I learned how words of comfort, affirmation and hope can transform a life.

Creativity also connects information with purpose. 

There is no shortage of financial tools, techniques and tax strategies to explore.  The critical decision factors are “suitability” and “wisdom.”  Does the plan suit your unique needs, goals and values at this point in time or “season of life.”  Wisdom is having the ability to discern or judge what is true, just or lasting.  We are bombarded with information today, financial overload with access to more knowledge than previous generations could ever dream.  Wisdom is having the ability to apply this knowledge with good judgment with seasoned experience.  Our strength lies in counseling wealthy families, to use and apply that knowledge and information in making good decisions over long periods of time through our knowledge, wisdom, integrity and experience.