Wealth Management

2008 made everyone much more sensitive to news about our economic landscape.  But sensitivity alone does not bring the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to make good decisions.  In fact, it tends to paralyze decision-making. 

Our role is to look deeper to understand your past decisions, your current resources, and your aspirations for your family and community.  We also must look more broadly to anticipate opportunities and obstacles you may not see.  Reliable financial advice is not a prediction; it’s a process that re-examines assumptions, rethinks strategies, and reclaims control of ….

  • Your family investment policy statement, due diligence process of evaluating money managers, monitoring of performance, measuring risk and consolidated asset record keeping and reporting
  • Your financial philosophy, wealth goals, tax viewpoint, risk tendencies.
  • Your current resources, future expectations, and unexpected contingencies.
  • Your suitability criteria and performance benchmarks.
  • Your responsiveness to change and willingness to reset goals and strategies to new circumstances.

Our firm operates independently, but we have access to the nationwide network of top money managers.  With our leadership you can confidently select the right money managers and resources that match your profile.

Wealth Management Questions and Resources