Diagnostic Assessment Tools to Secure Clarity

  1. Decision-making profile assessments
  2. Communication workshops
  3. Organizational and development planning and services
  4. Business advisory boards, governing boards, mentoring programs
  5. Family meetings, family foundations, family councils, family advisory boards, family council of elders
  6. Conflict resolution, mediation, counseling, coaching
  7. Complexity threshold dialogue
  8. Risk tolerance measurements
  9. Family legacy questionnaire and interview
  10. Business questionnaires
  11. Family retreats
  12. Exit strategy and succession planning questionnaires and profiles
  13. Investment policy statement development & creation
  14. Compensation and benefit assessments, analysis and questionnaires
  15. Risk assessments and analysis / asset protection protocols and questionnaires
  16. Life expectancy questionnaires
  17. Strategic planning for the family
  18. Intergenerational strength and weakness assessment analysis
  19. Family foundation governance issue discussions
  20. Educational and financial curriculum for second and third generations
  21. Estate and wealth transfer planning, zero estate tax planning & philanthropic services
  22. Comprehensive financial planning
  23. Sophisticated, integrated family cash flow modeling
  24. Tax reduction / mitigation dialogue*
  25. Asset protection assessment analysis**
  26. Legacy planning
  27. Family governance and family office services analysis
  28. Connotative assessments, personality assessments, executive assessments