Family Wealth Counseling for Estate Planning and Wealth Transfer

Phase One—Clarity

We journey with our clients in a fact finding, diagnostic, retreat process, utilizing many of the available diagnostic tools created in our tool box.  We like to start with the preparation of a detailed Family Letter of Intent, which is part biographical, part historical, which addresses your personal goals and objectives to your children and addresses your charitable intentions.  In addition, we take a snap shot of your current estate and financial plan so we have a clear starting point for planning purposes.

Phase Two—Creativity

In Phase Two we organize your planning team and host a brain-storming session to creatively develop a detailed analysis that includes a series of specific steps in the plan design to accomplish the objectives established in your Family Letter of Intent.  The majority of our clients like to minimize estate taxation and maximize wealth passage to their children, grandchildren and/or charity.  As we develop the plan, we actively communicate with you and your other advisors to confirm that the plan meets your goals and objectives.

Phase Three—Confidence

Here we project manage the implementation of your plan, assuring that each plan component is correctly designed and executed.  Our services include managing the team of advisors, creating a time frame for implementation and providing a clear level of understanding of the tools and techniques utilized in the plan design and implementation process.

Phase Four—Coordination

Phase Four is our ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the plan.  Some families prefer to organize semi-annual or annual family meetings to review current plans, to discuss continuing objectives, to determine what amendments and changes are needed and what new projects or services to address next.   Ideally this is accomplished via the menu of services we provide continually to our clients.  Each service or tool is tailored to each family’s unique situation.