Wealth Management Questions and Resources

  • Of all the assets you possess—tangible and intangible—which ones do you value most?  Why?
  • What is the best investment decision you ever made?  What is the best investment decision you should have made but didn’t?
  • Looking ahead what goals are driving your wealth accumulation decisions?  What contingencies concern you?
  • What portion of your finances should remain liquid for you to feel most comfortable?
  • Do you consider yourself a person who reacts to risk as a more of a challenge or a threat?
  • Ideally, what kinds of returns do you expect from a sound investment? What is the real time horizon for achieving those returns?
  • If you look at my account statement and there is a moderate loss, what is your primary reaction?
  • What is your primary objective for each account?
  • If each account suffered a temporary decline, could you cover immediate cash flow (expenses) from other sources of assets?